OSX Lion only sees 2TB of 4TB upgraded Studio Edition II

I have a MyBook Studio Edition II which was running out of room, so I upgraded the drives with 2x2TB Western Digital Green drives. When I open the WD Driver Manager it says 2.2TB. When I go to the Disk Utility is says 2TB.

I upgraded the Firmware on the unit. No improvement. Then I noticed the WD drive manager is running 32-bit (This is a new iMac running 64-bit OS) so I downloaded and installed the WD Turbo 64-bit drivers. I still can’t see more than 2TB.

What do I do to access the whole 4TB?

Is the drive manager compatible with Lion? Some of the WD software has issues with it. Is the other hardware inside the drive capable of handling the new drives? I not sure if you can just increase the drive size at will there may be something in the boards that only recognizes the original size.


Check out this post http://community.wdc.com/t5/External-Drives-for-Mac/Considering-upgrading-Hdds-in-my-studio-edition-ii/td-p/249412