OSD for 3.00.28

Hi Guys,

Have’nt checked-in in a long time.
Anyway, does anyone have the OSD for 3.00.28 available, or a link to a download it?

Think I’ll start playing with some themes again



i’m also looking for it!!

The firmware has a new encryption, so the osd can’t be extracted from it.   And, the GPL only has the Legacy theme in it.

wth, i’ve reported this issue : http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Hub-Issue-Reporting/Can-t-extract-the-OSD-for-firmware-OSD-for-3-00-28/idi-p/297908

I hope WD could atleast upload the osd on the theme website


Yeah, it’s starting to feel as though they are trying to handcuff us here.

Tinwarble wrote:

Yeah, it’s starting to feel as though they are trying to handcuff us here.

Hummm, starting to sound familiar Tin, Seagate FAT+ ? Hope not because of their stupidity I bought the Hub.

wow… don’t say you didn’t see the writing on the wall for  this. 

WD , I can assure you regardless of what they say, are re-thinking the user osd mods.

Stay on 2.04 boys.

can’t we obtain the osd from the wdtv live streaming media player ?

Nope same deal with the SMP.

Also guys I wouldn’t go just jumping the gun just yet.  We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.  I would think though that if they were going to do away with or attempt to phase-out theming that there would have been more of a movement towards that with the SMP.

I think that it’s more likely that the reason for the new encryption is paranoia, as most developers have and probably a little bit of laziness, since instead of writting seperate firmwares (or at the least modifiing the FW so that it is more compatible with the HUB) the SMP FW was just imported to the HUB.

But like you guys, I do start losing faith in a company when they start to tie their customers hands behind their back.  I have a feeling that if WD doesn’t try to rectify some of the simple issues and allow us to be in control of how we want to use our players, then my HUB may find itself in the same place as my FAT+.  On the self.

i’ve also noticed that they don’t update the themes (Wd-made) available online  so that they are compatible with latest firmware released.

I think they don’t care, if customers lose functionality.

Now even if i use the legacy theme, or winter theme. Game and RSS page are not available on the main menu…

Its as if … we are forced to use and unmodified mochi theme!


The Leagacy theme in the GPL is updated for the new firmware.  If you need an updated version of the Leagacy theme, download the GPL, then unzip it.   Then unzip the file RV_3.00.28_G.tgz to your PC, that should create a new folder, “RV_3.00.28_G”.  Open it then go to: scr\libs\RES_RV\resource

:Oh , i did not see this folder. Too many folders in that package.

Will redownload it and see!

Still it would be better to have the mochi theme

Well yes there is the legacy theme updated to ver 3.00.28. But in the gallery file i dont see the line for watched icon. How can i add watched icon into the galleryview?

just tested it on the hub.

Well , it appears that only the main menu was updated.

Some info like, file size, file type are not displaying well

and info like video codec, audio codec and bitrate are missing.

We still need mochi

Yeah, I should have been more clear, what I should have said is that it’s been partially updated.   There’s is a lot still missing.

Anyway i managed to get hold of the dynamic variables and make corrections.

Is the video codec and bitrate variables available only the mode shown in screenshot? Or in Gallery too?

i don’t know, i tested only in preview mode.

What i know till now, is that the video codec, audio codec, and bitrate (for a video) are displayed  correctly while the video plays.

What mean when the video plays? Do you mean you can use them on videorun.xml? And what are the new variables so we to can use them?

the dynamic variables are:


@@video_codec , @@bit_rate @@audio_codec.

I believe that if there is no video playing in the background, they will display:

Video codec: unknown

audio codec: unknown

bit rate : unknown

 here is the link to the legacy theme from the GPL firmware which is “partially” updated to suit the latest firmware


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