OS5 *&^()&^ win file explorer WDMYCLOUD not accessible

This is my first time on the community.
Using Windows 10 file explorer I can connect to one of my two MyCloud’s which is running OS4. But since upgrading the second MyCloud to OS5 it tells me " WDMYCLOUD is not accessible. "
Web and Mobile access work ok.
For local LAN access I found the only way to see my files is to use Filezilla FTP.
Have I missed something or is it no longer possible on OS5?

Below is an image of what I have showing when I use File Explorer. I have Windows 10. WDMYCLOUD is OS 04.xx.xx and WDMYCLOUDTWO now has OS5. Click on, tap, or activate image to enlarge it.

You should check out what i found out, it will work.
Also, remember that you need to enable FTP (Anonymous None) and NFS on the share.
If it’s not enabled, it won’t show up.