OS5 stuck to 0%

Hi, Itry to upgrade my WDmycloud to OS5 like requested, but I stay stuck to 0%! (30 minutes)Capture d’écran 2021-04-04 à 11.51.11|689x310

What can I do ?



Please refer to the following KBA article: Upgrade My Cloud OS 3 Firmware to My Cloud OS 5

Hi !

I have the same problem that the Box tells me 0% download since houres… and by the way to the comunity… a link to the documentation don’t realy help ! I have read the article more than once…


I found a solution for me…the path to the wdmycloud has changed…and no one tell this.

I made a manuale update and that works for ma also…


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I had same issue and took over a week. Few chat support provided no help. Finally I talk to a representative. It turn out OS 5 update failed and damage my enclosure electronics. I almost lost my hard drive and data with message from WD tough luck. Electronics failed and that they will not cover it. I did a soft reset with safety pin pressing reset button and stop the OS database update and deleted cloud access. upgraded to new firmware and was able to access drive. The entire process by WD is pretty pathetic. If you still can’t access get rid of cloud access and stop the database upgrade.