OS5 logged under wrong LAN IP instead of ( WD Cloud mirror 2 )

I have been having issues with my wifi router lately ( Netgear Orbi RKB50 ) everytime I restart my router I will have devices hanging and not connecting to the AP. It has been some time and I spent hours investigating, chanigng FW on the router etc…

Yesterday I noticed that the WD with OS5 is logged with different IP on my router. I unplugged the WD Cloud , rebooted AP and all went back to normal immediately.

I have upgraded OS3 to OS5 so perhaps the WD is somehow corrupted and causing this networking issues. Maybe it is just the ORBI AP problem. DO not know. But I know that I did not have those issues before I had OS3. Would anyone know what could be an issue? Should I go back to OS3?

( it is edited picture for demonstration how it looked on AP UI before I unplugged it and rebooted AP.