OS5 iPhone Mobile Backup


With the previous OS3 mobile app for iPhone I backed up my camera roll to my mycloudmirror gen 2. The OS3 app allowed me to select whatever folder I wanted to on the mycloudmirror to backup to.

I’m currently using the OS5 mobile app with the same mycloudmirror and want to continue to backup my iphone camera roll to the same location. However, it appears that I can no longer select what folder on the mycloudmirror I can backup to. Instead, it allows you to select only one folder from the root drive then it automatically creates the subfolder “John’s iPhone Camera Roll Backup” where John’s iPhone is the name I give my iPhone. As such, it is starting to backup my entire camera roll to this new folder whereas I already have 99% of the pictures backed up to different folder on my mycloudmirror.

Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a workaround so I can select my original backup folder? Will a subsequent update allow a folder selection for backup?

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide…John