OS for EX2 ultra - I want OS3; will setup give me OS5

I am just setting up my ex2 ultra. I bought it long before OS5 was released and I want to set it up with OS3. When I powered it up and went to “mycloud/setup”, I got the impression that I was in a setup for OS5.

How can I set this drive up for OS3?

I won’t proceed with setup until I know the answer.

Thanks for your help.

First, there is a specific subforum for the EX2 Ultra. This subforum (My Cloud) generally discusses the single bay/single drive My Cloud unit which is different than the EX2 Ultra. Single bay My Cloud units are not supported by OS5.

OS5: https://community.wd.com/c/OS5/my-cloud-ex-series/255

OS3: https://community.wd.com/c/network-attached-storage/wd-my-cloud-ex2/109

One does not need to use the online mycloud/setup method to setup a My Cloud device. Instead one can access the My Cloud Dashboard and perform the various steps needed to configure and setup the device. Several articles about the My Cloud Dashboard and using the Dashboard to setup a My Cloud device can be found at the following link:

Make sure to disable the automatic firmware update option in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings to avoid having the unit update to OS5.

One can download and read the OS3 User Manual for the EX2 Ultra at the following EX2 Ultra support link:

Thank you :pray:t3:

I really do appreciate your help. I will check out the links you suggested.

I assume that I will have the option to set up my system as Raid 1 during the set up process. Is that correct?


While I don’t have an EX2 Ultra, the User Manual that one can access from the previously posted My Cloud Support link above (See page 62: http://products.wdc.com/library/UM/ENG/4779-705148.pdf#page=62) indicates one can choose from; JOBD, Spanning, RAID 0 or RAID 1 when setting up the drive(s). There is further information that can be found in the User Manual for the device.

It seems OS5 doesn’t support JOBD anymore!!! :nauseated_face:

According to the EX2 Ultra OS5 online User Manual JOBD is still listed as an option. See the subsection titled Changing the RAID Mode.

If you have further questions about the OS5 EX2 Ultra you really should see and use the dedicated subforum for the OS5 EX Series. This subforum, My Cloud, generally discusses a different My Cloud unit. The single bay/single drive My Cloud. The single bay/single drive My Cloud is not supported by OS5.