OS 5 is a dead end - please reply so we can push WD to deliver a better solution!

Is it just me want to have Linux/GNU running on WD Pro series? (Or any series)
Please reply and let’s push back on WD

These days a small Raspberry Pi Zero (or even smaller SoC) can run Linux/GNU.
Can someone please please explain, why a hundreds £££ device (PR2100) which has x86 CPU and 4GB RAM, don’t have a proper OS?

OS5 release note follow Debian requirements? So just provide the actual Debian/CentOS

And if someone going to say “some WD NAS hardware is lower end…” — that doesn’t mean it can’t run Linux/GNU OS. Even Raspberry Pi Zero can run Debian!! With 700Mhz CPU and 500MB RAM.
There is no reason on earth why we can’t expect for a better OS from WD.

Please WD - work on a better solution!

  • We won’t a bit more freedom to install apps
  • we need tcpdump, it’s basic
  • we need Transmission
  • we need to be able to control “my cloud”

If you don’t want to develop apps or maintain, at least let us the option to do it on your OS. Limited BusyBox is just a bad idea


I agree 100% OS5 is horrible, I wish I had never installed it. At the least WD provide some access or tools so that I can use this device.


All I want is a place to backup my pc and run PLEX plus back it all up to a second nas just incase.
under OS3 I had that under OS5 backing up to a second nas takes 5 days then fails under os3 it took 4-5 hours and never failed. Plex now fails to record more than 3 programmes at one under os3 it regularly did 5. Play back now fails intermittently reporting inadequate processing power never happened under os3.
I have disabled cloud access as I have no need so it should not be indexing and producing thumbnails which is what the folks at wd claim is causing poor performance!
No OS5 is not an operating system its a glorified hardware stress test.
I think they should drop OS5 a work on away to help people back from the hell of os5 to os3.
but then may be WD is looking for a way out of the NAS business; force people on to a none working os and watch then leave in droves!


WD just officially replied to OS5 feedback they will be bringing Docker back soon. That would mean you will have a full control on your apps, you can deploy full pledged ubuntu, multiple times, and use it in unlimited ways for what you want. Main WD system might stay BusyBox so people will not have many chances to brick it…

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Having docker installed doesn’t mean you have full control nor the system / cloud is “yours” it’s monitored and restricted by WD which also involves in many of basic network sessions (even internal HTTP request)

Meanwhile I just woke up in the morning and PR2100 not working… OS is dead!

I hope there is a way to recover the OS

It looks like this is the WD’s revenge for your call to free yourself from the WD corporation’s shackles :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I didn’t say I want to free myself from them. I’m just not happy with their software restrictions

I prefer WD hardware quality than Synology and even QNAP

I agree …

First i was trying to get NFS working (NFSv4) = fail
(it’s somewehat supporting NFSv3 from that came in OS2 2014… )

Upgraded to OS5 - hoped that 8 years of development would have given something - same fail, no way to workaround in SSH shell even…

OK lets try workaround with webDav - webDav removed in OS5 and no way to go back … wtf…