Original Theme

Where can I find an rar archive of the mochi theme which comes with the wd live tv hub.  i’m looking to edit the video run.xml file so I can install a slightly altered version of this theme.  Thanks.

I “think” its a different version of the original Mochi OSD theme per firmware so it would depend on what firmware you are running. From what I read though 3.0 firmware has the mochi theme under lock n key so not accessible.

If all you want to do is to alter the video run portion of the Mochi theme then you do not need the entire theme anyway.  The video_run.xml is the same in all themes so if you have that xml then all you need to do is to make a new folder and call it something like “Mochi 2”, then add the edited video_run.xml in it.  Then select the “Mochi 2” theme on the HUB.

If you want different images for the video run, then just add an “image” folder in the “Mochi 2” folder then add the altered images to it.

If you don’t have the .xml or images you can get the last accessible OSD theme for FW version 2.08 HERE.

Hi, I was also lookin for this theme in order to customize it. Is it possible to find it somewhere or is it not allowed to modify it ?