Original "Out of the box" Mochi Theme?

Hello I just bought this player and after changing to one of the other available themes, I cannot seem to find the original “out of the box” mochi theme?

Have I lost this for good now?

I had to reset the box back to factory settings to get mine back after I installed a new theme. 

Under Appearance (in setup) there is an option to change themes, I setup the Mojo Theme and I now have 2 themes to switch between, the original Mochi and Mojo.

Resetting the machine is the only was im aware of getting back the original theme, right now im using the Mojo theme though but would like a nice/better one.

It’s not nececary to reset to return to original them. What you need to do is once you have entered the menu selection area for them, hit the red botton on the remote to change source. The original theme is stored there instead of the source from the downloadable themes.

I’m using Mojo and I can switch between Mochi (default) & Mojo as both are shown under themes in appearance setting, if I hit the red button another lot of themes are shown. I used the WDTV web ui to put Mojo on my smp and it flashed it to memory .