Organizing Movies Starting with Numbers

Does anybody know of any ways to make it so that movies starting with numbers are organized numerically?  I know that the trick for episodes is to put zeroes in front of the episode number but when you’re dealing with movies, putting zeroes in front of everything doesn’t look very good.


Current organization:  101 Dalmatians --> 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea --> 21 Jump Street --> 50 First Dates

What I hope for:  21 Jump Street --> 50 First Dates --> 101 Dalmatians --> 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

What I’d like to avoid:  021 Jump Street --> 050 First Dates --> 101 Dalmatians --> 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Doubt this can be done–or that it should be done.  Sorting as you want requires that the sorting algorithm recognize strings of digits as representing numbers, figure out the values of those numbers, and then use the numbers somehow in the overall sorting of entries.  Such a scheme was implemented in the (Linux) KDE file browsers a few years back and caused a vast number of furious rants from users since it was not selectable.  I know about this because it was a complete disaster for me until it was fixed (I always turn it off now).  I remember at the time reading one of the developer’s responses to the effect that this sort order made the most sense to him.  Nobody else agreed, however.  It certainly can be useful occasionally, but its use has to be controlled and limited, since for every person it helps, there would probably be many more it would not.  The semantics of lexicographic sorting are very clear at least.