Organising Shared Folders

Hi Guys,

I have watched so many youtube videos and read through so many pages on the forum, and I still can’t seem to find the answer.

I would like all my data to be organised into the default shared video, pictures etc… However, I know I can just drag and drop the files in from my main computer at home and that will work fine. But if I just want those folders to sync and update automatically and available to all users at home.

I have used WD Smartware to backup those folders, however I have to go through half a dozen folders to get to the content, and the wife is very impressed/confused.

Is there a way to sync those folders on my PC to go straight to the folders in the corresponding shared folders?

I hope I make sense…lol

Many thanks

Smartware is probably not your answer here, what you need is some simple folder synchronisation software installed on your machine which will take the video/picture/music/whatever folder(s) on your PC and synchronise them to the equivalent folder on the MCM.

If you do a Google search for “windows folder sync software” there are several options that are available to you that you can experiment with (some free, some paid) and see if one or more fits your needs. If you map your relevant share on the MCM to a drive on your PC, it will then essentially be an automated version of your drag and drop option you already mentioned.

There’s nothing WD supply which would fit the need, but from the quick check I just did there are many other suppliers who have software that would fit.