Options for Backing up

Hi there,

I’m rather new to this so bare with me. I just purchased the WD My Passport and just want to use it to store music, photos and movies (ie. I want to move my entire iTunes library etc) over to the WD drive.

When I plugged it in and installed the software, the drive automatically started backing up my entire computer. That’s not what I want. I eventually want to remove all music, movies etc off my laptop.

Can I used the software from WD to do this, or do I just drag and drop the folders onto the WD drive?

I know, dumb question, but when I eventually sync my iPod back up to my laptop I want to make sure it works and the WD drive must be synced with iTunes etc.

Am I doing this correctly?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You can use with and without the software.

If you just want to manually add files than avoid the software and just use the drive.

The drive will show on computer with a drive letter, you’ll just copy everything to that.