Option to disable LED

I recently bought the My Cloud Home, and discovered that one can’t turn off the white LED / light bar in the front. Is there any hope of an option to turn it off to be implemented?

It’s not so much an electricity usage concern, it’s more me trying to limit what bright lights are illuminating my room in the evenings :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately I messed up when I was doing research, and thought the My Cloud Home had the same features as the older one. Anyway, for now, a cloth is covering the lighthouse!


Any idea if this is possible?

It doesn’t seem so does it? Such a simple thing to include; but no. Not even considered. Sigh. I guess it’s all about the asthetics. Maybe they could add options to dim it or disable it completely? Come on WD, please?

I personally find it way too bright in my lounge so I have taped over it with two layers of plain coloured masking tape. It’s not that bad unless you examine the front up close. It’s certainly taken the glare away now. Maybe try the same?

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For ANY annoying LEDs on any device you need LightDims. Go here to buy some for one dollar!

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It’s been almost three years. I have no hope but I’m bumping anyway.

My Asus router comes with a setting that lets you turn off the LEDs. My fibre ONT device has a physical button on it that turns off all LEDs. I mean, you’re able to make them LEDs do different things on the device, so why not just put a small option to turn it off.

That is the most annoying thing about this thing.


Maybe there aren’t enough ppl complaining about this for WD to take action on this, u can add me to the list of customers unhappy with the lack of options for the LEDs on this device. Like irjetsetter i have devices with this options to control the LEDs… netgear router, brother printer, hell even a air purifier.

Its a simple add on and I believe there is a good amount of silent unhappy customers due to this issue with the my cloud home.

I find that a well piece of electricians tape does wonders for me. But I agree that a option should be there.

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