Optimum number of movies per folder for speed

I have around 120 movies in 1 folder and this has caused the menus to get very slow and laggy.

Several seconds to change to next page.

Is there an optimum number of films per folder to keep the speed up.


I have a bunch of things in my folders (70 to 80) and haven’t noticed a decrease in speed.    Exactly how much slower are you talking about?

Fame and glory awaits, Mre15. You could do the scientific testing and report the results here :robothappy:

I have done a bit of moving around, my largest folder now has 78 movies and I would say its at least 3 times as fast as when there was over 120 in the same folder.

That said I haent finished adding all the meta data again yet. Once you move a file from its original folder you have to do it all again. A time intensive mistake.

I have a folder with 84 .avi flicks and have noticed some slow-down, but nothing horrible. Mostly I see a longish pause when closing a movie and it takes a few seconds before the interface shows up again. And maybe it can depend on how many flicks have metadata downloaded, giving it more stuff to sort through.

So as a 1st approximation let’s say the number is about 75 to 80.

206 in one folder, over NAS, and I get tired of the spinning Q thing. It is far worse going backwards than forwards, but with the “The” movies, there is little other option.

Same issue here. All folders are stored locally, they are VOB’s. Backwards is painful, I will actually go forward to reach “Zombieland” which is the last one because it is quicker to go through 115 folder forward than to go one page backwards.

I have more than 400 in one folder on a portable attached to the WDTV Live, & I don’t have this problem. Perhaps this problem is more to do with the speed of your router than the number of files per folder? Also, I have more than 200 on my NAS. However, I have the highest speed provided by my internet service provider.

I cant beleive that you have no lag with that many files unless you arent using the cover art view of course.

Anything over 50 films seems to give increased lag for me, I am using wired GB lan and I have a 20MB internet connection so I dont think I have a problem there either. 

I wish WD could do an firmware update for the cover view options and either allow it to download the artwork to be stored on the local drive or as another option to allow the cover art to only load when you actually clicked on a film or maybe when you stopped on a film for more than 5 seconds, this would make the next page function much quicker to get to the film you want to.

I had my ethernet plugged in to download the metadata for each movie. Then I edited the metadata to remove the lines for pulling backgrounds from urls. I then disabled the multiple background feature, so I’m only using the main system background in gallery view. The gallery view works fine for me going forward, but when trying to go backwards through a list of about 70 or more, it will flash the spinning line on the screen for a couple of seconds and then proceed to the next film. So I don’t think this has anything to do with internet connection as my ethernet is now unplugged and only drawing the basic metadata and thumbnail. This has to be something with the firmware. So hopefully WD will release something soon.

Matter of fact, sometimes it scrolls so fast that if I don’t periodically stop pressing the button to go forward through the 400+ movies, I easily overshoot the movie I’m looking for. I am serious. If I just hold the button down when I start & am looking for a movie that starts with the letter D, it scrolls so fast that I may be in the Ts before I know it.

I for one would like to see a video of this, and to know what general settings you have for the hub, and also which theme you are running.

As much detail as you can provide if you dont mind.

I like the hub but at present the menu speed is in movie art mode is what lets it down.


I had done a lot of experimenting, moving files, etc. when setting up my hub and NAS. Yesterday I cleared the media library as I have the layout finalized, and did the “get info” thing over 200 times. I did notice it is faster now than it was before, but overshooting a movie? Which remote are you using? A smart one that queues up commands, or the WD provided remotes?