Optical audio problems

I have been using the Live Hub for several months now and this is the second major problem that I have encountered.  The first problem was the inability of a WD MyBook to be recognized and connect to the Hub.  Regrettably, that problem was never resolved, despite repeated contact with WD customer service & exchanging the unit.

The new issue surfaced last night. When viewing a base-DTS MKV file, which has played fine in the past, a few minutes into the video the audio became distorted (high-pitched noise) and finally ceased. I am using the optical pass-through to an a/v receiver that has optical digital inputs but no HDMI.  The file plays fine when I switch to stereo (Hub audio setup) but now I have no digital (5.1) output. In short, the optical output from the Hub has failed. The receiver input works with other devices.

The mute function is not engaged on either the hub or the receiver. I am using the latest firmware as well although that shouldn’t be an issue as all was well for a couple of months before the abrupt failure last night. 

Has anyone else had this happen. any ideas for resolution or is this fatal?

If it is a physical problem then replacing the Hub would be the next step… You confirmed that is not your receiver, but just to make sure can you test your Hub on another receiver? o.o

…yeah, I’ve been down that road already and feared that I would be abandoning this unit altogether if yet another major problem with it. However, after stepping away for a day, I had re-checked the entire signal chain (incl. swapping out the receiver) and can confirm that the Hub WAS NOT THE PROBLEM this time. My 15-yr old Kenwood receiver which worked initially with other devices and input selections has since displayed consistent intermittent distortions and drop-outs. Hence, it was the ultimate culprit, I am happy to report, in this instance. Thanks for your reply though TPM