Opinions on this connection

I have a WD TV Live media hub with 2 WD My Book Essential Ext HDD (3tb ea).

I was thinking of getting a third one, but instead of using the USB hub attached to the WD unit, I was thinking of doing the following:

  1. Get a 5 port swicth and connecting it to my wireless router.

  2. Connect the My Books to the switch via a USB to ethernet adapter.


Makes sense.

But why not attach it to the network PC. Save the expense of all the extra gear, at the end of the day if your PC is hard wired to your router and your Hub is hard wired to the router then its the cheaper option.

You could also attach a powered hub to the Hub and do it that way, this is a bit risky as some Hubs can have issues.

Both the desk top and the My Books will essentially be connected to the router.  I rent so I dont have a lot of ethernet ports in the house, so thats why my WD TV Live hub has the wireless USB to it.  I am tired of disconnecting the My Book from my WD Tv Hub when I want to put movies on it (I convert 3 - 4 BDD at a time).  Takes about 2hrs to transfer via the network.

Also, connecting the My Books to my computer puts something “in the way” so to speak.  

 Here is what I am thinking:


Might be missing something here. But if you are going to try and stream large files to the Hub you are in for bad news. They will stutter and hang.

Yes you will save time by not removing drives, but moving the files from your PC to the HDs will be quicker but once you have them there, they won’t work. Small AVIs will, anything like large Mkv/.m2ts/.T’s files will not.

So to sum up you need everything on the Network. The Hub is the last thing you want out of the loop, the wireless may be good for internet services, but if you are talking about a decent Mkv, then its no good.

Hold on, you are on about no Ethernet ports, why don’t you wire up the Hub to the switch?

Wire a switch to the Hub?  Can you explain?

What are your opinions on something like this: