Open / teardown My Cloud Home Duo - looking for tips and tricks

Hi community, I’m having a hard time trying to open Cloud Home Duo - need to service it.
For those braves who could open it … any tip ? There is a small “entrance” in the back that worth nothing …

I’m avoiding to use brute force, although seems impossible to avoid.


Have you searched the Knowledge Base? Have you checked You Tube?

Not a single video with Home Cloud Duo. Anyway, it was a shame to use my Dremel on such beautiful case.

Does anyone knows what is this “hidden” button ?

This button restarts the unit


What about these? They didn’t help?

Disassemble My Cloud Home Duo - Search (

It helps a bit. The Duo is much harder to open, believe me.
Need now to troubleshoot. My unit has the fan working all the time, the led blink once, the HDs don’t spin and the Ethernet don’t “blink”.
I really liked the MHC Duo and it worked well until an electric discharge through the Ethernet cable.
Hard to find the board design and support material that can make easier to find the defect.

Thank you very much.
This model isn’t manufactured to be opened and unfortunately I had to break it.