Open file sharing

hello forum. i need help how to switch off file sharing, or public sharing of my wireless pro on mac. now i see in my mac finder in “locations” easy accesable “storage” file.
and i worried that anybody can open it. is it possible to switch off, or hide?

thank you for answer

Mac Finder is the basic application to access local content and contents stored in My Passport Wireless Pro.
If you don’t want to access My Passport Wireless data, you can uncheck the external devices from Mac Preferences which will not allow to show data stored in external connected device when connect to mac.

However, you can also Lock the drive, make a password protection and ask for password every time when trying to access.

  1. Click the Hardware icon on the Navigation bar to display the Hardware screen
  2. In the Drive Lock field, click the toggle button to On. This will lock the drive so
    that it is inaccessible when connected to your computer through the USB port