Only seeing 60 GB out of 12 TB

I can only map to 60 GB of storage on this thing. I have the 12 TB setup knowing I only will get 9 TB. I can only see 60 GB. I looked on the remote desktop and there is a drive D that has the rest of my storage. How do I access this?

Did you complete the setup wizzard?  Asks for server name password, asks to check for updates, then says wait and it reboots a few times.

It will setup folders/shares  d:serv erfolders  under there you should have like music, photos, videos etc.

Did you install the connector on a pc?  It will launch the launchpad, from there you can clcik shared folders and see them also.  Start the dashboard and go to server folders, they will show there also

Thanks. I have the space now

Fill er up :slight_smile: