Only found MBL but can not access


My MBL work properly couple of days. Since have 25% the first problems appear - sometimes show 0% and  no info about temperature etc, sometimes no access to mapped drive. Was lucky to backup all dates and my access to dashboard suddenly ends. I can not get by smartware and  by firefox if write the … 

I have already done reset, unistall all and install again but only discover my MBL and can not acess to configure it.  Is any possibility to fix it, i could lose data, nevermind. 

system win vista 64

for example: click WD link and  Mybooklive is found  - adress ip and click to config and no connection to server :frowning:

Twonky works on site: but stand alone not After research on forum tried putty but can not connect to this address. Works couple of days and suddenly stops :frowning: