Only certain file types are shown

I’ve uploaded numerous files of different file types to my MyCloud Mirror. When I go to view the files remotely (using on the latest version of Firefox) I see all of my pdfs, jpegs, MS word, excel and PowerPoint files. I do not see other file types (for example, my last year’s TurboTax files with .tax2019 suffix). Why is this and what can I do to see all of my files?

@geoff.lee normally Tax files have a .TXF extension which is supported by My Cloud OS 5.

  1. Did you have this same issue in on My Cloud OS 3?
  2. What other files and types are you not seeing in
  3. Do you have the same issue in Mobile app on Android or IOS?
  4. Are the non-viewable files located in a specific directory structure?

Here’s an example of a renamed .TXF file format