Online Manual and Box improvement

2014 Feb 27I had an issue regarding the password and device name change. A tech was able to help me with the problem, and I have a suggestion..When I downloaded the user manual and looked at the page where the tech stated the password should be located.I was unable to find it and the table of contents did not make it obvious. I suggest a slight addition to the table of contents with something obvious like "Passwords and Name Changes", so that people, like myself, don't have to contact the techs for a small matter. Also to include the solution in the manual, which for me was to simply change the device name, then restart my computer, then I saw the name change take place. My OS (Windows 8.1) needed the restart for the change to take place. The password was to access the device through the IP address. The default password was ADMIN, written on page 42.

Also, the box that the device comes in doesn't contain any instructions, there is no information. Perhaps WD can print something on the box with the link to the manual.Thanks.

Just as a suggestion you can also use Ctrl + F to explore the manual and find keywords.