Onedrive's Shared Favorites folder not visible when 'Skydrive device' added

I have been testing the ability to copy, move, edit, save, save as, etc between My Cloud, Skydrive, Cropbox and Drive. 

One thing, when I access Skydrive through My Cloud, is that the Shared Favorites folder doesn’t show up.

Perhaps this is tied to the fact that the device My Cloud adds is still Skydrive and not Onedrive…?


Hi, are you refering to the My Cloud app? 

Do you have anything in that folder? If the answwer is yes, have you backed up to My Cloud lately.

I just checked mine and all that shows are the two folders that have something in them. Those are Documents and Family Pictures. Yes my folder is still showing as Skydrive on My Cloud. I am going to change that on my computer and see what happens Monday morning when my backup runs again.

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Yes, I see now that I could have been a little clearer… the problem I refer to occurs when accessing the added device Skydrive via WD2GO app for My Cloud on my Windows Phone 8 (a Lumia 1020).

The shared favorites folder is one made when initially using Skydrive. Other Skydrive folders but for this one showed up ok via WD2GO, and I could see nothing obvious with the Shared favorites permissions.

However, I have now solved my problem by creating another Shared folder in Skydrive (Onedrive) that WD2GO sees without problem.