One Simple Request: No Auto Power On when plugged in

I have my WDTV into a 10 socket adapter that have all my AV equipment plugged into, this goes into one wall socket.

When i turn on the wall socket, the WDTV Live starts up automatically, in doing so it:

  1. Makes my TV switch the HDMI input of the WDTV automatically.

  2. It interfers with my TV’s Freeview Tuner

Can you add an option to be able to stop this auto power on?

I have a Panasonic TH-50PZ80 Plasma.

For the time being you could just plug the WDTV into a permanent supply via an adaptor.

I have 2 wall sockets. one of those i am keeping dedicated to my Ethernet over Power plugs.

I have a 10 socket adapter that everything is plugged into (including the WDTV) im resorting now to having the transformer plug plugged in but the pin end unplugged from the wdtv power port.

I notice this also on WD Mybook. I have all networking equipments in the same plug and when I turn it on, WD* are all staring up.

That’s it. Cannot be fixed by us.

Wow bad TV :smileyvery-happy:


Post it in the ideas forum here:  Ideas exchange

I prefer to leave the WD permanently on, usb and network discovery can take between 30sec to 10 minutes,