One my MKV stop working for absolutely no reason

I really wish to understand why & how it happen.

I have a wd TV live hub filled (only blu ray) & with a external 3tb (also only blue ray). I have OnE movie in which played fine on my external since day 1. But now it will freeze @ 31:05 and go back to the main menu…

I mean before that it played fine for many many many views. But now it somehow got corrupted in which I got zero clues.

The movie Cowboys & Aliens 23 Go mkv.

I do know that before the firmware it worked fine. I have also tested the file on my PC and yes the file still freeze @ 31:05. Vlc just stop responding.

Now we all can presume that the file went corrupted.

Now here this big question . Why & how??? Can a single mkv file can become corrupted when the HDD always stays plugged in the WD TV live Hub.  How is that possible ? 

I want know this to avoid more corruption … And not spend more time ripping than watching.

I forgot to add that if I skip to 31:06 the movie goes fine -.- "

Altho great product :).

Please help.

Tricky one…

But from my experience its a self destruct mechanism, as I think the Hub quite rightly destroys any copy of Cowboys and Aliens as it is atrocious. :slight_smile:

I can’t see how a Mkv could get corrupted at a certain point, try copying (its a large file so not so easy, but copy it internally on the hard drive and call it v2. Or try making a copy back to your PC…it has to be a sector on your HD.

But not sure tbh…only problem is if it is the HD you will get a CRC error when copying it maybe…but worth a try

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You could run it through mkvmerge and see what happens. Should be easy and quick.