One Common Cloud for Xbox, PC? Maybe Mobile devices?

Hello! I just bought a new My Cloud EX2 Ultra home cloud storage! If at minimum, if it can connect between two computers of mine, and that’s all I get! Great! BUT. What about Xbox One and mobile devices? Phone and Tablets? Can those access My Cloud through my home network, only for sharing media files? Even my Xbox1s .5 TB HD, I don’t need game files or games to be on the cloud! I can DL and save those to the Xbox, it’s barely at 50% capacity! I just want storage for multimedia, including in game SS and Screen Recordings of game activity!
APPARANTLY, I’m all over the place I’ve been told! So to clear, below discusses many options I’ve been told!

So far, til now, before getting the My Cloud! This has be my procedure! I play a game on Xbox and it records a video of game play, 30 min to 2+ hours worth, few GB a pc! Saves to a 3TB KESU plugged in USB. But unfortunately Xbox is not fully up to date with removing SSD from port, I still have to shutdown the Xbox (no command override to “Disconnect” a usb storage, like computers have), and I don’t want to hurt the storage device, or corrupt the file, which CAN happen if disconnecting whiile it’s being accessed! (see where I’m going?) So I shut down Xbox, takes a min or so to fully shutdown (not partial), and I remove usb drive, and connect the KESU to one of two laptops! I do work on video files, directyly on one laptop, though another has access to another usb drive and some images and sorts I use to edit into my game videos. Eventually when all said and done, I upload from computer 1 to YT and post! READY to game again? OH, I need that usb drive! Fortunately, I tell computer to disconnect, and usually does without trouble, though sometimes I get an error it’s still in use, and have to command again. Once disconnected, I plug it back in to Xbox in time for another gaming exp, only to repeat it all over again when done!

I understand most storage need be formatted properly for the Xbox to access them, when different than a computer. I don’t know if Xbox has anyway of accessing network accessibilities (like Printers or Storage), but the My Cloud does have a Ethernet plug, someone at Best Buy (Geek squad, offering free advise) said MAYBE; If I plug Ether wire between Xbox and Storage, it can access media for such, and than the My Cloud setup as NAS for the other two computers, the Xbox can save a video file to Storage through it’s ether access, and computers can both access the videos as well!?

Can anyone confirm? Would it help if I plug Mycloud into my Router? Modem?

The “Geek” also suggested I consider a “Capture Card” option! A device which streamlines the feed from Xbox to computer through USB spliced through HDMI video wire between Xbox and TV? If so? Can I also POSSIBLY hook up the Capture Card USB cable to the Storage USB port (instead of going to computer), will this suffice for Media storage from Xbox to My Cloud for computers to access?

Or is the Capture Card to computer best option? Do I need it to save directly to computer drive first, than transfer, or copy/save/move to MyCloud, from computer?
I’ve never used a Capture card, nor any sort of My cloud/ Home cloud/ NAS device before!

Just looking for the BEST, seamlessly, easiest way I can play games on Xbox, save video files somewhere for computers to access, in the least stressful option possible?? Unplugging and going back in forth with USB drive 20+x a day is getting redundantly ANNOYING!

THANK YOU for reading, and replying in kind!

To be Clear, as I was told elsewhere “I’m all over the place”…

it’s a WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra, for my Home??

As for all over the place? I am trying to find the best solution to achieving my goal!
I have and play games on my Xbox1s, and record gameplay. It’s annoying to unplug and plug storage going back and forth between console and PC to edit my video files, and continue to save them! I wasn’t sure what to buy, but the sales guy at Best Buy suggested My cloud, and I got the My Cloud EX2 Ultra.

I’ve been told many “POSSIBLE” suggestions to my dilemma, and I don’t know which one is best option. I don’t want to hurt the My Cloud, or my computers/console, or any files stored herein between either, so I haven’t plugged anything in til I get some suggestions or guidance.

Will MyCloud EX2 Ultra work together over network with both Xbox and PC?
Does Mycloud need the Ethernet with Xbox/Cloud to be more effective?
Or Is the only option a Capture Card? Is it Possible to use Capture card between TV/Xbox and Mycloud?

That’s why I discussed each option! I “Went all over the place” discussing many options I was told, trying to see what’s the best out there! Is it even possible to use ONE common storage for Xbox, and two PC’s (other mobile devices added on would be gravy) to access for media and file sharing between those plugged in through Wifi!?

There is no “simple” with me! I over think everything, so therefore I over detail everything, and I explain in too much detail! Don’t ask me to write a police report of an accident!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Again, thank you!

Thanks. For both replies both threads

Hey. I wanted to ask another question, which I did on the initial My Cloud Home, but deleted hoping it would let me ask here on EX2, and it won’t let me (24 hour limit or something)…

If I plug in other storage, as I mentioned I have a 3TB KESU and a 1.5 TB WD, both small usb plug ins, if I attach those to back of MyCloud EX2 Ultra, and than my computers (and hopefully in near future, Xbox), access MY Cloud (initially 12 TB), is it reading 16.5 TB storage? OR 12 TB Storage with 2 secondary storage drives of 3 TB and 1.5 TB, respectively, inside the 12 TB?

Curious! Cause I haven’t set it up yet.