On Windows 10 cannot access share

After the initial configuration, I saved the shortcut. I tried to access the share through shortcut, Quick View and Computer Network, and every time the Windows diagnostics says it cannot find the named computer. I changed the device name and the change was reflected in the Media Devices, and the Storage (from Computer Network), but still I couldn’t reach the share. I performed a Full Factory Reset, and still the problem remains. After the reset, I can see on the USB connection that there is a single Upload folder, and nothing else (no Public, etc.). I need some help to solve this issue.

Hello, do you have the My Passport connected to the same network as the computer?

Thank you. I am connected to My Passport in direct (wifi) mode (not using the network). I can access the Dashboard and the Media, but not the share.

I partially solved the problem: it was due the network discovery set off (the default new connection is set to Public, which has the network discovery off). Setting the connection to Private allows me to access the drive through Quick View or Shortcut, and to map the shares, but I still cannot see the drive in the Internet Explorer/Network/Computer group. Any suggestions?