OMG I think I am SCREWED!

Long story…  In a nut shell my wife helped me clean up my passwords.  The timemachine backups are all still working, but I made a network change and needed to login into my settings account.  Yep you guessed it, the  system username and password no longer exists. All I have is the time machine username and password.

Before I completely start over I was wondering (I can’t remimber for sure) is the master Admin or admin?  If I correctly recall you can not delete this account, so I can try a few of my passwords that I can remember.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Also advice how to start over would be helpful.




Well after trying every password I could remember I was still not able to get into EX2 setup.

In a last ditch effort I put the old router back in the comm closet and brought up my old MacBook I set the EX2 up with and sure enough it had cached the username & password.  Now I remember that it did not let me delete the admin account, but it allowed me to change the account name.  

Hopefully this may help someone else if needed.  Best to write down username & password in multiple places…

Happy Holidays !