Older western digital wants to reformat

I have an older western digital external harddrive. I’m not sure exactly how old it is but my guess is like a 2004. Today when I plugged in into my laptop it said format G drive. I don’t want to reformat because I have a ton of pictures saved on the hard drive including all of the pictures of my children. I am absolutely devastated. When I plug it into my desk top it doesn’t show up at all. I brought it into Geek Squad to see if they could fix it and they would have to send it out which would cost between $250-$1500, which is way out of my budget. Please help me recover my pictures.  


You can try using Recuva or Photorec, those are free data recovery software. Otherwise you will need professional data recovery service.

I had the same problem and used the Photorec.  It isn’t fun but I got all my images and other files back from the drive.  You just need to have room on whatever drive you work on.  They come back with different names in a lot of numbered directories.  Main point is you get them back.