Older WD not working

I have an “old” Duo Option External USB hard drive…model DA-24B12.  This is what has happened…

My Dell XP computer crashed so I put it back to factory settings.  Now I am trying to reinstall the external device and the USB device is not recognized.  I also can’t seem to reinstall the program.  Any help is appreciated!!!  I only use this old computer for my embroidery sewing machine and have most of the patterns on the WD hard drive!!!

Did you upgrade to SP3 after restoring your PC? That may have some affect on things.


I checked and yes SP3 is installed…tried again this morning and the error message is still USB not recognized.  I can’t seem to find the software on the computer and when I try to install it…it goes to the repair/uninstall page…not a regular install page that it shows in the directions.  Any ideas?