Older firmware for faster DLNA?

I have been using a Western Digital 4gb sharespace to stream movies to my Western Digital TV Live for around a year.  Everything was going well, until I upgraded the firmware on the sharespace.  I upgraded to 2.2.91.

Before upgrading the firmware, I was streaming HD-DVD rips from the NAS with no problem.  I haven’t done thorough testing, but it looks like everything over 12mbps is now stuttering, and even some lower bitrate conversions at some parts.  I recently got a blu-ray burner, so needing to shrink the bitrate down isn’t what I want to do.

I noticed that Twonky was upgraded, and my first instinct was to blame it for the problem.  There’s no way to set the caching for the new version, so I downgraded my sharespace firmware to the earliest I could find after searching these boards.  That was version 2.1.92.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t as early as my previous firmware.  It did have the earlier version of Twonky. I disabled all the extra services and adjusted the caching in Twonky, but it still stutters.

I went back online and upgraded to 2.2.93, but it still stutters.

My original firmware was either 2.1.1 or 2.1.3.  It would be really easy for me to figure out, if I could have access to them.  Whichever one works would be the one I had.

I have a Netgear FVS336G assigning IPs and the Sharespace and WD TV Live are both directly connected to a Netgear WNDR3700.  The limiting factor should be the WD TV Live, since it’s the only 10/100 device in the equation.

I don’t think it’s with the WD TV Live, as it was working fine, streaming all those VC-1 HD-DVDs just fine.  Even one of my 6mbps X264 / AC3 movies got out of sync with the new firmware.

I gave it a couple days each time in case Twonky needed a long time to index the files.

It streams with the same results from usb drives plugged into the unit.

So, my questions are these:

If I assign static IPs will that make a difference?

How long would Twonky need to index 2TB of movies on the server?

Would the indexing cause the slowdown if it wasn’t done?

Would Twonky 6 solve the problem, if I could get it on the Sharespace?

Where can I get older versions of the sharespace firmware?

Could everything listed as ADDED since 2.1.3 be causing the network slowdown?

If I get rid of Twonky and all the extra services and stream it from network shares, will it work again without changing the BIOS?

The only job for this Sharespace is to stream media to my WD TV Live.  I know it was a big mistake to go and update the firmware when everything was working fine, especially before reading all the release notes,

One last question - Has anyone gotten another media server running on one of these?

Are all of my questions bad ones, or just previously answered?

It’s not Twonky indexing, it’s got to be done by now.

Has anyone tried sharing with the NFS service to any media player?  Is it faster than Twonky Media?

I don’t know if Samba will do the job.

Any input is welcome.

I have exactly the same issue, upgraded to the stupid 2.2.93 and can’t even play anything from my WDTV devices, ver 1, Live only Live Plus works but if I take it closer to the NAS!!! Its a stupid mistake, I know by heart through my long experience with WD that there firmware is a piece of ■■■■, they fix a bug but misses with the basic features and u end up with a **bleep**ty performance at the end.  I should never upgraded, happened to me before 2 yrs ago.

Never mentioned to you they have a very stupid process, they through to you an RMA, why fixing anything, am goanna send this stupid customer a new box, they think this is the best way.  Am sure they are running their tech support from some where in India where those poor guys have no clue what we are talking about …

@tim_ettinger : I have been using 3 Sharespaces using the nfs protocol for serving video files (mostly .ISO dvd images) to a netgear media player with good enough results (above 60Mbps on a Gb ethernet connection) for a couple of years.

That was until I @#£& upgraded to 2.2.93… :angry:

We Want Downgrade! (or a fix, but downgrade seems safer to me at this time)