Old Drive needs NEW DRIVERS MDL: WD2500B007

Hi, I have an old drive that has worked until I just plugged it in, now nothing shows up and its not recognized. Its an old drive with neon lights that go down the sides… 250gb drive MDL:WD2500B007
Everything appears to be working on the drive except my PC doesn’t recognize it. Can you help me?


It is possible the partition is corrupted. I recommend you go to “disk management” and verify if the dirve is seen there. From disk management you can format the drive in order to use it again. Note that formatting the drive will delete all data stored on it.

I have a lot of files that I was hoping to access. I just havent used it some time. I didnt think I would have this issue, it was always so reliable in the past.

It could be when I installed a new Hard Drive a year ago, it wiped out my drivers I used with this previously. Thats is why I was wondering if I could access the correct driver for this Model. It has 2 Neon Light bars that go down the sides that change color. Really cool looking, it is encased in a plastic shell and is about 4" x 7" lays flat on the table.