Old backup files from diffrent computers


i have WD essestial drive, i have had few computers over a peirod of time, but i do have folders on WD drive with some random numbers, i guess they are old backup folders, i need to get files from there, when i open folders i see sub folders, but when i open the folders it says empty or may be few files, i thought the backup stays for good and i can choose which ever backup i want but i guess not, when i run WD software and go in retrieve tabs, i only see small amount to retrieve, i need to get all the files from oldest folder, please help, it has all my family pictures,

thank you very much for your help, i really appreciate all your help

The folders with numbers are probably the ones that smartware created, as you can see the sub-folders have the same names of the folders that you have in your computer, you can also check the properties of the folders to know how many GB or MB they have.