OK to remove WordPress app?

I have a network attached myCloud and I don’t do any site hosting, just use it for personal storage and running a dvr application.

I just got an update notice for WP and I am considering uninstalling it (WP).

Is having the WP app any kind of security exposure? To my knowledge, I don’t consciously use it for anything. Is there any possibility any other software on the device is dependent on WP?

note: running RAID-1 …4/8 TB

Hello akflyer,

It is completely fine and secured to remove the WordPress app from the My Cloud Mirror device if you do not use it. There is not any security related issue while uninstalling any 3rd party app.

Thank you for the info… any tips for getting smoother playback using an iPhone and the HDhomerun NAS DVR on my WD mycloud mirror?