Official documentation regarding naming conventions?

I’ve look all over for “official” folder/file naming conventions for proper meta scraping but every where I end up, it almost seems like its a different method/formula.  

Is there some documentation I’ve missed that specifies the end all / be all correct file / folder naming conventions?  


I don’t think that there’s an official documentation for that. I guess everyone has it’s own way.

There’s no naming documentation.

However, its best to keep your naming simple.  For movies, and it depends on your fomat, but for single file formats (avi, mkv, mp4, etc.) something like:



etc.   or just

Pirates Of The Caribbean 01.mkv

Is good enough, there’s no need to get over complicated with your naming.

For TV shows, if each episode is a single file:

Show Name (folder)

    Season xx (folder)  ie: Season 01

         Show_Name.SxxExx.mkv  - ie: Fringe.S01E01.mkv

I’m joining this thread looking for help about naming some Video_Ts folder.

I have 3 movies: Heimat 1 (6 DVD = 6 Video TS), Heimat 2 (7 DVD = 7 Video TS), Heimat 3 (6 DVD = 6 Video TS).

What is the best way to store the movies on my NAS, in order to have right infos, moviesheet and covers? I’m using Thumbgen, with SMP firmware rolled back. Thank you.

Well first, I would suggest converting your TS to ISO.

This will give you a single file for each disc, with the same playback as you have now.  (All an ISO is is basically taking your TS files and placing them in a single zip file with extension .iso).

Then just name your ISO files something like this:

Heimat 1 (folder)

     Heimat 1 (Disc 1).iso

     Heimat 1 (Disc 2).iso


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Thank you all!

I structured my TV collections like this, but they don’t play in chronological order, they play randomly. Why is that?

I’d like to re-open this even though it has a Solved in the lead post !

I find when I start off, read from the hard disk connected to the WD Live… I have to press it 3 times to get to the Headings of Movies, TV, and Kids Shows.

In Movies I have, Movies like Pirates of the Caribbean so I press that then have to press again to start the movie.

I would have though…

On start up, the Box would recognise the hard drive, so only one click was necessary to enter it.


Be presented with a choice of category, Movies, TV and Kids TV …

I further see in Themes that there are sub categories of Movies like Action, Comedy, Dad, Adventure, Si Fi …

I guess I’m going to have to do a bit trial and error ?

Is it quicker and faster reading films over WiFi than reading from a fixed hard drive to the box ? Also would reading movies and the likes over wifi be easier to organise than from the hard disk ? meaning I wouldn’t have to press three times to get to the main title or heading Movies, T, Kids TV ?

If any of that makes sense !!! Whats the best structure ?