Observa Telecom BHS-RTA

I keep getting a blinking yellow light when I plug the cable of mf my device to any ethernet port of my Telefonica router Observa Telecom model BHS-RTA.

I worked with the Telefónica -my ISP- people testing the modem and we discarded any failure of the router’s ports.

I called the Telefonica people and they did not allow me to change the modem.

I have two possible solutions:

  1. Add another device, a switch or another router -no sense since this is a small home network-. where both the router and the device can be connected.

  2. Check and correct the settings of the router’s ports or the setting of the device ports to ensure a proper communication.

Anything I can do?


Have you tried setting up a static IP on the unit then connecting it back to the router, i would like to know if the lights on the Ethernet port light up on the unit when you connect it to the router. On the following link you will find help with the procedure:


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After talking to my ISP -Telefónica- I discovered my router’s Ethernet ports simply do not physically communicate with MyCloud’s ethernet port. It means that some device can’t communicate with these devices for some reason I ignore.

I had already tried to set up a static IP in the device without success.

Then, I went to my computer shop and bought a switch.

Problem solved! 

I am sure that something can be done in the router’s configuration but I figured a switch would be a more practical and quicker solution and indeed it was but it would be important to figure out a solution. My ISP’s tech people simply do not provide enough help.

I started worrying once the support people at WD told me that installing was only a matter of connecting a cable. I knew I could do better so I started testing and found the real problem. I am now very happy with the unit installed.

Thank you for your interest.

I’m glad to know that you were able to solve your problem hope you enjoy your device, be sure to post back if you have any questions regarding your unit.

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