NZBget not working anymore. Is there an alternative news/nzb/p2p reader

Is there an alternative for NZBget planned for OS5?
I need Mycloud for collecting news.


Please refer to the following KBA: List of Compatible 3rd Party Apps for WD My Cloud OS 5

so the answer is no…
thx for responce.

I’m curious if you are/were running docker on your NAS. If so, you might be able to run nzbget as a docker instance.

However I stumbled upon this thread because I’ve got nzbget running on my WD1400 and noticed it wasn’t supported in OS 5. I almost blindly upgraded from OS 3 to OS 5, and am thankful I checked first.

That being said docker was a native app like nzbget on OS 3, but I see no reference to it in the release notes as even being a supported app.

Found others having issues with docker after upgrading to OS 5, and it appears to depend on the model you have. See OS 5 Roll-back - #4 by Czuz

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I too am in the same boat needed nzbget support or a way to run it on OS5. Fortunately, I have not upgraded yet.

I have a raspberry PI but would like to keep the downloading and processing on the my cloud as that is eventually where the files are ultimately stored.

Same here updated to OS 5 and not able to unroll Hence send the NAS back and bought again the same and for sure not updating to OS 5 this time till NZBGet is available for OS 5. Incredible you do not get any warning what so ever that your third party will not be able to reinstall again after the firmware update.

I’m in the same position.

Upgraded my pr2100 to os5 now I cannot use nzbget rendering it useless.