NVR in DL Series

i did not see any educational video about the new option in DL series NVR can you show us how to use it?!!!

Hopefully an experienced User will be able to assist. Alternatively, there are a few threads related to the configuration scattered around within the Community.


The links I saw were for some NVR system that required expensive cameras. Did not use “normal” IP Cameras like Blue Iris Software

Hi Hussain83

you are referring to Milestone ARCUS VMS for surveillance, correct? The Milestone ARCUS is available as third-party app inside the App Center of DL2100 and DL4100. After installation, you can access its own web interface.

First please add a user with username and password, then you have administrative access to configure your cameras.
Cameras will be found automatically by Milestone if they are in factory default, otherwise you will be asked to put in username/pwassword to access the cameras.

is there a video demonstrate the configuration…

Yes, we have a 16 minutes video available within our Youtube channel in the section “Surveillance Solutions”.
Please use this direct link:

How To Use Milestone Arcus Surveillance on a My Cloud Business Series NAS

amazing, thanks the video was informative

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