NVMe SSD NTFS USB drive not showing as share in My Cloud

I have a NVMe SSD NTFS formatted USB external drive connected to My Cloud EX2 Ultra and it DOES show as a network drive in Windows Explorer but the USB drive IS NOT showing as a share in My Cloud.

I need to copy a large amount of data from the USB drive to the EX2 but the transfer speed is absolutely abysmal, im lucky if its hits 10 MB/s even when i connect it to my computer via USB3 copying with Windows explorer via Ethernet to the router with the EX2, as recommended in the manual.

Why isn’t My Cloud recognizing the USB drive as a share so that i can move it directly from the USB drive to the EX2?

This seems to be a common issue. i assume the WD must have expected customer to want to transfer large amounts of data to this type of device, so how is this done at a reasonable speed if not through My Cloud?