NVC quick cache on 10TB SAS 3.5" near-line enterprise?

The spec sheet for the HGST HUH721010AL4200 (10TB, 4Kn, 3.5" near-line SAS) says it has “NVC quick cache” which is non-volatile.

The much longer specification (373 pages) mentions lots about volatile and non-volatile caches but never references something called “NVC quick cache”. However on page 37 you find this:

6.4.1 Data integrity
When the write cache option is disabled, no customer data is lost during power loss. If the write cache option is active, some data loss can occur during power loss.

Clearly both cannot be true- the drive either has non-volatile or volatile write cache. Also if I google “NVC quick cache” I can’t find out anything that describes how this is implemented or works.

I would appreciate any help clarifying this. I have a Dell PERC raid controller (made by LSI) and I have to either enable or disable ‘drive write cache’.