Ntsc region 1 iso stuttering

got a few region 1 iso’s that show slight stutter during playback, more noticable when the pictures pans across. i guess this is a fault of the tv rather than the smp? i’ve got the tv connected to the smp via hdmi.

Are you using HDMI 60Hz?   Or are you using 50Hz?

ah ok a setting on the smp? didn’t realise there was a setting i could change. it was set to ‘auto’

Yeah, you can change it.   Not sure if it’ll improve your situation or not…  just a thought.

not realising there was a ‘match video framerate’ option tucked away in the hdmi auto settings, just wondered if this should be enabled or disabled? difficult to tell if it is on or off by default

That option doesn’t apply to DVDs, as DVDs have fixed framerate.

In fact, from what I can tell here in NTSC-land, if I manually set the WD to 24fps, DVD playback is TERRIBLE.

thanks so by default ‘match video framerate’ is set to off? just want to know before starting to muck around with hdmi settings :smiley:

Hmm.   Out of the box, I do believe that it’s set to off.

But if you ever go through the HDMI setup screens and answer AUTO to the resolution, you are then required to answer the question of whether or not to use it…  So from that point, there’s no more default.  It’s a mandatory choice. :slight_smile:

leaving hdmi to ‘auto’ and ‘match video framerate’ to ‘on’ seems to have done the trick :smiley: forgot to mention i’m in the uk if that helps others