NTFS or FAT32 with 500GB My Passport Essential?

Which is better and faster format for a 500GB My Passport Essential NTFS or FAT32? Also is NTFS a better format/make it last longer than FAT32?

When I first got it I used it on my PC then reailzied I had to format it to FAT32 from NTFS to use on my Mac to write stuff to it. I noticed it was faster write and read under NTFS than it is now with FAT32. I’m debating formating it back to NTFS and installing NTFS-3G on my Mac to see if I get the speed back.


Hi there, 

The performance is better in NTFS. FAT32 is bound to limitations if you transfer files larger than 4gb and also 

has the tendency of getting data corrupted more often. I understand though that if you’ll be using with a PS3 there’s

no other way around than FAT32.

I will only suggest FAT32 if that’s your case, if not, then NTFS is the best choice.

Cool Thanks I may try and reformat it to NTFS. Also I ment Mac not PS3 I believe there that NTFS-3G to beable to read and write to NTFS drives on a Mac.

Yes NTFS-3G will do the trick.  Remember to mark the answer as solved, this might help other people.

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Indeed, NTFS-3G is one of the many tools that allow a Mac to write to NTFS drives. There are also softwares that allow Windows to read and write to HFS+ drives.