NTFS compatibility

I got MyCloud EX2100 running, and I mapped a drive to the network share. However, when I copy files from a windows NTFS disk to the EX2100 I get the following dialog/warning-error:

I respond ÿes" in order to continue with the copy, And, when I righ-click on the mapped drive to the EX2100 it shows NTFS, but it leaves me wondering if the EX2100 is not fully NTFS compatible and the loss of properties may impact the functionality of windows programs that rely on these properties. Is there a way to make fully it NTFS compantible?


Hello, the EX2100 is NTFS compatible, maybe the type of file that you are moving around does not allow for its properties to be copied to a different location. Does this happen with any other type of file?

I saw the error on several email related files. The problem does not happen when I copied those files to another disk on the PC that is also NTFS, so this leads to believe there’s a compatibility issue. Thx

Are you using a domain for your users or just the EX2100 and the local users on your PC?

For NTFS to use the rights you need to have all users on both sides. The EX2100 maybe has only the admin account and shares public. So there is no possibility to add the rights to the file because the ex2100 does not know the “user”.

If you copy on your PC to a different volume then there is no change between the user that copies the files.

Compatible yes, but with limitations regarding specific features which are available on native NTFS only.
File related user rights are not supported as the Linux Samba server and the Linux Ext4 file system cannot handle these. But this is not related to My Cloud only but valid for any kind of Linux Network Storages.

It’s just on a local workgroup

Thanks, I think that helps explain the problem… are hidden files supported?

Next incomparable scenario: Hidden files in Windows have a special file attribute to hide them, Linux/Unix files are hidden by using a . as first letter. As the enhanced NTFS file attributes cannot be supported, you cannot hide these files.

Thank you for your response Joerg, is there a way to make the file system have full windows NTFS support? if I use the. linux-convention, would that hide to windows users viewing thru a share?

Thanks again