Now you see it, now you don't. WDTV Live and our WD My Book NAS... maddening

I’ve looked for other threads with this same problem and found nothing specific, but if there is a huge thread on this someplace that I missed, please point me and I’ll drop this one.

So, I have a bunch of movie and similar media files that I’ve stored on a WD My Book 2TB drive I got about 19months ago.  It has the Twonky media server running on it.  It is hooked to the network via the router (a Cisco linksys).  Our PS3 sees the Twonky server just fine (never had any problems even when WDTV is having issues) and I can play PS3 compatible media files from it.  Both the PS3 and the My Book are connected with cables to the router.

I can access the My Book with any of our computers using Windows Explorer via wireless or ethernet

When I first got a brand new WDTV Live streaming box (not the hub) from Best Buy about 2 months ago, on intial setup it updated the firmware, then it went through set up flawlessly.  It could see the Twonky server on the MyBook and it played all our files via our wirless network in a back bedroom very well.  Also used Hulu Plus and Netflix regularly.

A few days ago, about 2 weeks after getting the streamer, it can no longer see the My Book/Twonky.  It is just… gone as an option under media servers.

I rebooted the My Book and reset the WDTV.  No luck.  Then a day later something must’ve changed (I honestly don’t know what) and then it worked again.  For about 48 hours.  It now no longer works.  I tried doing a reset of both devices again, but have had no success so far.

I bought the WDTV because of it support for NAS media and assorted media types.  The very REASON i bought it is not working.  They are BOTH WD devices. 

Any suggestions are welcome.  It is extra maddening that we had a solid few weeks with it working well.

You didnt say what your connection, but if it is wireless then try it with the Enet cable.

Can you ping the WD device?

Have you tried using shares instead? Currently I can’t see my MBLD as media server either, shares are fine though.