Now that they've removed webdav, remote sql, remote access, dnla, and a host of other features. Who's returning their units and buying a competitors product instead?

So, who’s regretting their purchase and going in for a full refund/return on their devices?

Personally I’m looking at replacing my EX4100 with a “something else” since they removed a lot of the features I was using. Every announcement and reply to topics for these removed features seems to be “it should work” or “this is no longer supported”.

Edit: I changed this post to remove company names and model numbers of competitors as it was flagged as “advertisement spam” by the community. I hope that this fits better within the guidelines with them removed.


Looking at QNAP myself, despite their recent troubles with security.

Synology seems a bit behind the curve when it comes to NVMe and 10Gbe Ethernet, two things on the must have list if I am going to upgrade.

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Do you have any recommendations for a non-WD product from the QNAP or Synology ranges? Preferably 4 disks or more so I can run RAID5 or RAID10.

This new OS5 rollout has been a disaster for me and I don’t intend on purchasing any more of their products after seeing the response they’ve put forward to these issue.


I have a QNAP TS453Be and it has not missed a beat :slight_smile:


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Depends on budget and which high end features you need included. For qnap the 472XT looks excellent but its a bit pricey if you just want home storage, the 473 is punchy, mid priced and AMD based but apparently theres some new AMD ones in the offing, the new 453D is at the lower end but is a lot for the money, incl. 2.5GbE as standard just its slightly weak on the pci (it hasnt got full bandwidth for its PCI slot, if used).

They have many models, there may well be others which suit your needs more but from my research this is currently the best of their product stack at those three price points.

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I’m hoping that with Docker and Owncloud I can retain the investment we made in wd units. As things stand I won’t be buying any more though.


I doubt most people who upgrade are WELL outside the return period on the devices.
I mean. . . these units have been available for years. . .

Do I regret OS/5?
No. . .because I knew going in that this was a bit of an experiment? The “no backwards migration” was a big flag for me.

Do I recommend OS/5?
Yes. . .with reservations. (It’s ok for file storage; maybe streaming on intranet. There are a number of OS/3 annoyances that have been fixed. Not good for any kind of internet access)

Is OS/3 better?
Not really. It’s got plenty of warts from an internet and security perspective. I don’t really play too much with apps. . .so I can’t comment on that.

Am I planning to replace the WD NAS with another brand?
No . . because my needs are simple and my needs are met with what I have. I still have storage capacity. If I start doing hardcore internet access with the unit. … .yeah. . .I would look elsewhere. If I needed to buy another NAS. . yeah. . .well. . .at least the WD units are cheap (but do I want “cheap”?)

The main reason I bought the my EX2 was so I could stream over DNLA to my smart TVs. There is no way I shall upgrade to OS5 when DNLA is missing. I was going to either upgrade my EX2 or purchase another to add extra streaming capacity but now I shall buy from a different manufacturer. What on earth does WD think it is doing removing the DNLA functionality? That was one of its big selling points. Appalling customer service

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The DLNA Server in OS 3 that was powered by Twonky Media is now available as an app by itself in the App Store of OS 5. You can install the app and configure it directly.

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