I have a new N900 and whenever I log in, I always have 3 new notifications:

  1. Product has not been registered.

  2. Guest wireless access not set up.

  3. The Uplink WAN speed is detected.

Regardless of whether I click “ignore” or “ok” for each of them, they return when I log back in.  I can’t seem to dismiss them permanently.  

I have already registered the product successfully from the admin pages (it tells me I’m already registered if I try again).

I have setup guest wireless access (only on j2.4 GHz, however).

I’m not sure what #3 wants me to do other than just letting me know the speed detected.

Anyway, is there some way to permanently ignore/accept these messages so they don’t continue to reappear?


Hello, have you tried doing a powercycle to see if they go away. 

Thanks for the reply.  

Yes, in fact as part of another discussion this morning related to password issues, I unplugged the router for a couple of minutes and then plugged it back in (not to mention initiating several reboots from the admin interface before that).  I just logged into it now and saw the same three notifications that I have previously dismissed.

I am also having this issue. I even went online and registered there to confirm that It was completed.

I still get the notification and when I fill out the form in the router admin, I get the folowing message:

“The product has already been registered. You may log into your account at to view or update your registration profile.”

It’s pretty annoying.

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FWIW: I upgraded to the latest firmware a couple of weeks ago and the problem still persists.

Just adding my voice to the chorus that this is an irritation.  I don’t expect to have to see notifications over and over…  As with anything like this, constant reminders of irrelevant notifications will eventually lead to missing notifications that I should pay attention to.