Notification emails not delivered unless I

Has anyone noticed notification emails not being delivered?

(Over 2 years) I was able to successfully send the test notifications EVERYTIME, but the actual notifications rarely seemed to work when sent to home address. I thought it was a problem at my end with email configuration so I recently specified all three of my addresses (work, home and gmail). Bingo. Now I ALWAYS get notifications on ALL addresses.

I notice that the email includes all 3 addresses in the To field. Could it be the home account sees other recipients and thinks its therefore not spam?

It works now, just curious why.

Where is the problem? If you specify three account to send notifications to, then all three accounts shall receive notifications. Sending Emails to more than one account is a feature, not a bug.

Since you didn’t indicate who your email provider was for the “home account” anything said will be speculation. So to speculate. It could be your “home account” email provider is filtering the WD My Cloud notification messages prior to your email client retrieving the email and displaying it to you due to having only one email receiver address in the message. Depending on the email provider one may have to log into their online webmail account for their email provider and see if the notification emails are being flagged as spam or bulk mail. Typically there will be an option to tell the online email system to reclassify messages it flagged as spam as non spam.

They work fine for me. I just got my first safepoint succssfully updated email.

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