Nothing I add is showing inside OS5 on web

Yet another WD issue, one step forward 50 steps backwards.

Whatever I add to my shares over NFS are not showing up in a browser when logged into OS5.

It really is just a shambles, only WD could make such a mess of a basic thing.

What is the point in having a NAS and calling it “Cloud” if NOTHING we add to it can be accessed over the cloud.


Hi @brightskyapps,

Please refer to the below link to check the article enable cloud access and users:

For more information please refer to the below link:

I don’t have a problem logging in, I can login no issues whatsoever, what I am not seeing is any new additions to the share showing in the browser, I can only access new items over NFS. RTFQ.

Posting Boilerplate links to fix issues that I do not have is just what I have come to expect from WD.

Absolutely useless support.

After debugging all of your problems for you, as it’s clear you have ZERO people looking at your error logs, I found that in the browser console I get line upon line of errors:

[Error] Viewport argument value “noviewport-fit” for key “user-scalable” is invalid, and has been ignored. (cglnjisqw6jhj72pj6tdxt3j, line 7)
[Error] Viewport argument key “cover” not recognized and ignored. (cglnjisqw6jhj72pj6tdxt3j, line 7)
[Error] Preflight response is not successful
[Error] Fetch API cannot load

It is absolutely clear that your web application is not fit for purpose, you go around telling people there is nothing wrong, whilst doing absolutely zero proactive debugging, you throw software out the door clearly without testing, and your customer support have been told to throw out boilerplate customer support Knowledge Base articles that have NOTHING to do with the issues they face. All this so you don’t have to deal with the issues at hand.

I will NEVER buy another WD product again, purely based on the lack of support and lack of quality care.


I appreciate that you have performed the troubleshooting steps.

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: