Not Sure if the Passport is for me


I just recently purchased the Passport and backed up my XP computer. Great no problems…however 1 day I decided to clean up my hardrive and Uninstall software I thought I did not need…like Apple Support and Apple other stuff…so everything was fine until I opened Itunes and now can no longer connect to the ITunes store…(There is a network connection!!) so ok I uninstall Itunes and reinstall but I have the same result,

So I decide I am going to restore…my files but it does not appear to backup the core system programs just pictures and music…can this be true,also I thought in my settings I could keep 5 copies of a file…but when you go to restore there are no prompts for the backup date to retrieve from.

Do I need a more advanced product ? or am I really missing something…help!!!

Hi , Smartware software will not backup programs or system files, it will backup your data files.

It will not interfere with anything on the computer, it wil just create an exact copy of your data files onto the passport drive, your itunes has some other problem, you may need to check it’s preferences or contact apple and let them check it out for you.

Smartware = Simple Backup software - Docs/Pics/Music/Movies/Mail/Other Basic Files

You will need to either use system specific backup software - Windows Backup Utility(Windows)/Time Machine(MAC) - for more advanced options, or another more powerful 3rd party software.

You can always copy and paste for a more hands on approach as well.